Conical midbass horn with JBL 2227

Hi all,

This is new territory for me. I have used horns for mids and highs for the last 20 years but never for midbass. I want to take my interest in dynamics and live-like presentation to the next level.

My plan is to start off building an easy to build but hopefully OK sounding front loaded horn and use with my JBL 2227 15". The choice of woofers is because I like their sound, their T/S seem fit for hornloading and, well, I already have them :)

The most important parameters for me is to keep the total length of the horn below 1m and a useful output between 80Hz and 400Hz.

Scanning the web I got hooked on Volvotreters conical 77Hz horn. It seems well behaved an fairly easy to build. However, he uses the EVM15 and when I simulate the same horn in hornresp with the 2227 the frequency resonse isnt that even and nice. Lowering the volume in the back chamber gives me a more linear output but it falls off quickly below 100Hz.

Im using an BSS BLU device for processing so EQ will not be a problem. Is this response workable do you think?

Note: the right picture is output from Volvo treters horn but with JBL 2227. Picture lower left is original with EVM15


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    EVM15 vs JBL2227.JPG
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