Congratulations to planet 10


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:blush: just helping the DIY resurgence along (and it is mostly DIYers that keep bread on my table :^)

Does this mean you keep the lights on all the time from now on?

No peterr, but the hifi is :^)

Jason, that beer is at least a year's supply

"The one and only" and dice45 are close behind!

And don't forget Peter Daniels (aka HPotter) already over the 1k if you add him up...

The more the merrier. The richness of this forum is its contributors. I take away more than i give and that is all you guys.

Peter Daniel said:
And congratulations to planet 10 for getting to the top.:)

My current position in the rankings as the one with the most posts is really an illusion. That honour goes to diyAudio's Paramount Prodigious Poster Peter-Potter :D

(say that 5 times fast)

And i have no doubt that it won't be long before the more recent half of this Gemini, Peter Daniel, will pass me for the official honour...:king:

And Eric, welcome to the 1,000 post club.

And Eric, welcome to the 1,000 post club.

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