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Confusion over Knight 600 tester numbers

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I have a question, might be a silly one... In my knight 600 manual (what I could find online at least) it says for the short test "find the letters in light face type in the U and D columns on the roll chart" and then to obviously place them in either opposite directions.

What do they mean by "light face type" ? Do they just mean the U and D numbers? It kind of confused me :confused:

Also, I have found that the numbers in parentheses at the end are the control grids, but what about the numbers right after the tube? such as for a 12au7 it says (4-5-8) for the first section, and (3-4-5) for the second. I assume most roll charts are close or the same, so anyone with a tester that uses a roll chart might have some usefull information for me..

I don't know what is meant by "light face type" in the references you have found. The U column means "up" and the D column means "down". The numbers in parenthesis, in your example (4-5-8) and (3-4-5) mean that if these levers are pushed to the "up" position the SHORT TEST lamp will indicate a short. That does not indicate a real short. The numbers in parenthesis after the other data, for a 12AU7 (2) and (7), indicates the lever to be pulled down one position from normal to perform a gas test.

Do you have the instructions on how to perform a thorough test with your tester? I could scan those pages out of my manual in case they are different from yours.


hey thanks for the replies, I think I pretty much have it figured out as far as most of the tests go. I knew U and D meant up and down.

TW: AHA! that explains why I was getting "shorts" on most of my tubes that I tested. I just assumed it was internal connections but wanted to make sure, you confirmed that for me. Thanks!

I do have the instruction manual, not the original but downloaded from some site. found it within 5 mins on a google search. I found the calibration a little too easy, and I cant help but worry about adjustment if the plastic gague adjustment screw has been moved.

Colt: I thought the same, but its all in bold...:whazzat:
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.