Confusing fuses

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I've looked and looked but can't find a match for 2 fuses in my Bada H32 hybrid amp.

The main board fuse is obvious - F6A250V but on the seperate PSU board there are 2 x F6H250V, after looking everywhere I have no idea what the letter H signifies.:confused:

Also I am surprised at the high rating of the fuses?
F6A is unusual for a piece of transformer powered equipment.
T6A is more normal and is roughly what would be required to start up a 500VA transformer reliably.
The F6A may be able to start up a slightly smaller transformer. I'll guess at 300VA to 400VA.

If you were to fit a soft start then T2A would run a 500VA and T1.6A would run a 400VA.

But maybe these are not transformer fuses?
Could they be Low Voltage Supply Rail fuses. Here F type are more common.
you've confirmed what I thought. I have a WAD KT88 amp and that uses a 1.6A fuse.

The Bada does indeed have a soft start and at a guess the potted mains Tx is probably around the 300VA - this hybrid amp uses 200W and is rated @ 50W per channel, the rest of the brochure is in Chinese, not very clever for an export orientated company.

I think you are also right about these 2 fuses being supply rail fuses but I'm still no wiser about the 'H'. Both the main board and the PSU board are clearly marked as F6A and F6H.:confused:

I stopped writing this reply to have a look at my PH12 h/amp and in that there is only one fuse on the board and the board is marked F4H250V. It reminded me that a friend was so enthused with the Furutech fuses that he bought me one as a gift and that is marked as T5AH250V.:confused:

I have to say that I have no complaints about this amp at all, in fact after getting rid of the awful Wima MKP 4 first cap and then the equally awful Solen coupling cap it completely outperforms the KT88 amp in every way.

I've never had a fuse blow on me in any equipment but I'd like to be prepared for Sod's Law if and when it happens.
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I think the H rating is for conditions where limited short circuit current is available. Somewhere where you might want the fuse to protect as a 6 amp fast would but perhaps there is only 7 or 8 amps short circuit current available. If that makes any sense.

There are so many classes and sub classes for fuses that it gets, well con-fuse-ing :)
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