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Condo cleanup Cheap/Free stuff Issaquah, WA

Alright gang, I haven't posted anything in some time now as life has been rather busy the last year and half or so. I'm done with school, got a job and got into a condo. I'm still buying new furniture and getting situated in the new digs, but I can already tell I don't have space or a real need for some of my gear anymore.

EDIT: Forgot to say, local pickup has priority.

$15 - Sonic Impact T-amp w/ power brick.

$15 - 15" Mass Multiples LCD panel (S-video input only) w/ custom plexiglass stand and power brick.

$30 - 8" Dayton ported subwoofer w/ plate amp.

$15 - Zaph's Hi-Vi B3S design.

Free - Ritech DVD/Divx player.

$30 - Philips DVP5982 Upscaling DVD/Divx player w/ HDMI output and USB input.

$15 - Philips DVP642/37 Progressive scan DVD/Divx player.