Computer LCD vs. OHP Panel

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Hey Dudes,

The info on this 100-mile thread is long but impressive. I have been reading as much as I can and slowly building a plan in my head. I already have a 400W MH system and an old dead projector to chop up. The only thing I don’t have yet is the panel and I’m split on what to get – a real projector panel or a 15” PC LCD display. I like the PC display as I already have a PC with a DVD drive, tuner card and digital audio out- but I am unsure how good it will work, compared to the Nview’s that were designed for the job. Is anybody going down this road? So far I have only found one web site:

If anybody here owns this page pls send an update.
Below is a comparison of the two I have compiled. Is there anything I’m missing here?

OHP Panel:

Relatively cheap
Easy to setup and use
Small foot print -> i.e. less area to light for homemade projectors

Low Resolution Max 640 x 480
Lower Contrast
Slower refresh rates

PC TFT 15” monitor, stripped

High resolution (1024x768)
Higher Contrast - up to 350:1
Faster refresh rates

Not cheap
Disassembly- very few units can be used
Voiding of warranty
Large screen requires more lumens to light



What is the point of taking a brand new lcd apart you know ther e not cheap to replace and they know when you have taken them apart because of spacial stickies in the plastic YOU WARENTEE is now void i know because i am a computer technition and deal with this alot HAHAH

sucks to be you with no more warantee..
Did you read all the old posts.......we discussed this in some detail way back when.

Biggest problem with using an LCD monitor is the size of it.....a 15 inch monitor won't fit on most overhead's.....unless you make a bigger stage.....and most of those lcd's cant have the pcb parts removed for you to lay the panel flat.

If you are looking for a high quality panel and willing to spend the cash....get a sharp QA-2500 ~250 or so and has the inputs, resolution, etc that you would require
panel and projector for sale

anyone interested in an nviewz255 and EIKI projector combo? It is an excellent combination:
sgva, 16.7 m colors, projector: 6K or 10K lumens, extra bulb, panel has svideo, vga and composite inputs.
I searched around and this is as good as it gets for a panel and priojector combo.
e-mail or reply if interested.
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