Composite Video Demodulator Board Capacitors, Help Needed


2011-11-25 9:16 pm
I’m recapping the electrolytic capacitors in a beautiful vintage Pioneer LD-S1 laserdisc player from the 80s. For electrolytic I’m using my regular go to Panasonic FR and FC.

The player and the RF (composite only) video demodulator board has many outdated ceramic disc capacitors. I was thinking about replacing them with C0G/NP0 type. Is this generally a good idea and could replacing these regular ceramic capacitors (with C0G/NP0) potentially cause video problems? Any advice from analog composite video experts? Thank you for all of the help.

P.S. Could polystyrene caps be used in this type of circuitry?
Ceramic disc caps are generally best left alone unless obviously defective (which is quite uncommon - it took surface mount tech and lead-free solder to ruin their reputation). Besides, any value substantially below 1 nF is likely to be Class I ceramic already - if in doubt, the letter for tolerance and the little band on top should give some clues.

IMO, there is little (if anything) to be gained from this exercise. It seems doubtful that a player supposedly "targeted at the high-end videophile buyer" would have skimped on parts quality this badly.