Complicated (for me) radio cabinet build

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Hi there, this is my first post, I made an account to get advice for this project. Just wanted to say thanks to all for looking.

I picked up an old Silvertone Radionet cabinet and I want to turn it into an audio media center. My idea is to put a Raspberry Pi with standalone Kodi on it, bit I also want to be able to switch the audio input to a record player, a cassette player, and an AM/FM radio.

My idea is to route those four inputs into a switch, into an amplifier, then down to a 10" full-range driver. I don't know enough to know what kind of amplifier to use in conjunction with the speaker I picked out (PRV Audio 10FR300PR 10" Professional Full-Range Speaker 8 Ohm), or how to power all those things in the cabinet.

I have a background in electronics but I've never dealt with audio engineering specifically, and any advice or suggestions regarding parts and components, methods, any of that, would be much appreciated!

Thank you all!
Welcome to the forum!

Since you mention only one speaker, are we to understand that this is a mono project?

We could certainly recommend an amplifier and its associated power supply.

Switching arrangements are not hard to source on the web. Just don't expect someone to design the whole kit and caboodle for you. ;)
Thank you for the welcome!

Yes, the cabinet is already set up to accept a 10" driver. I hoped the one I picked out would serve as a good choice for a mono project.

Of course, design isn't really the issue, identifying and sourcing compatible and appropriate parts is. If someone with more knowledge than me can give a thumbs up on a parts list I'm confident I can Lego them together.

I have an old Corsair 1000w power supply designed for desktop computers, I have no idea if I'll be able to Frankenstein that into this project or not, having little experience in audio engineering and the kind of things that may be compatible.


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> A picture of the cabinet would be helpful I think.

Agree it would be nice. "Radionet" was a feature not a model; they came in all sizes. However he thinks he can mount a Ten in it. So it is a large box, not a table radio. The amplifier is likely the dangerous hot-chassis type, Dynamo does not seem to be ready to repair it, and I would not bother.

My feeling is that a large beautiful box with one speaker is a novelty, not a disco thumper. A couple Watts should be ample to fill a room with toonz.

So he needs suggestions on amplifier, preamp, switch, volume control. Not big hi-fi shelf gear but little modules. I'm out of that hobby but surely someone here is?

> Corsair 1000w power supply

Total over-kill. (And the fan may annoy.) I think you can find an amp plus a small silent power-pack.

At a modest level, there are 5VDC audio amps which may eat the same power as the R-Pi. That's as much power as the Silvertone likely had. With similar power and a 4-inch speaker I used to get turn-it-down!! from my parents. With a Ten it may be entirely ample even with no parental pressure.


The image looks distorted on the Post Preview, so just give it a click.

I'm going with a little amp board, an AA-AB31184 100W Mono Amp Board. The plan is feed my inputs into a rotary switch then into a potentiometer, into the amp, then out to the PRV Audio 10FR300PR.

My main challenges at this point is routing holes for knobs and figuring out how to fit a record player in that space.
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