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complete zen amp v4 parts for sale

Up for sale all parts needed to build complete amp zen v4. Parts are as follows:
2 populated circuit boards, bought at Nelson Pass website, according to his specifications using parts from Digikey, matched power transistors
2 toroidal power trafos 2x18V 440W each made by CWS + mounting hardware
4 Nippon caps 56000uF/ 63V
16 diodes MUR 3060
capacitors for bypassing big caps
2 pairs of speaker binding posts
2 pairs of audio input connectors
all material needed to build nice aluminum enclosure
2 copper plates for power transistors 6x16.75x0.25
6 pieces of heatsink 6x5.75x0.5 fins 1.75, 3 per channel mounted to copper plates
top and bottom of enclosure 15x17 3/8 x 0.25
front panel 18.5x7x0.5
back panel 15x6x0.125
inner plate to separate trafos section from circuits 13x6x0.25
some internal wire and power cord
aluminum if I remember correctly is 6061
all screws included
There is no mounting hardware for caps which are very big. You can use only 2 of them, 1 per channel. Nice switching circuit should be also there, no thermistor provided.
One needs to drill and tapped aluminum and copper. Then all aluminum plates need to be nicely polished. Put all together and enjoy. I realize this is major job. I wish I could finish that project but I'm moving and need some money injection.
Very heavy package.
All for $ 400
some pics

some pics


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