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Hello everyone!!!
I've been working with HornResp to figure out the best design with different speakers.
What I've noticed is that you can't go to one place and view info on multiple speaker drivers at one place.
So I've put together a web site where anyone can upload a particular drivers data, and then it will upload it into a spread sheet that everyone can see.
This will be great for people who need to get data for Hornresp calculations, along with other speaker building designs.
Please help and participate in this project!!
It will benefit everyone!!!
Here is the link...

Thank you!!!!

ps- can we get this as sticky?:)
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I applaud the effort but it needs more work.

The sheet is not complete until you encourage duplicates, add a comments/conditions field (for meaure tool/conditions), Qt, efficiency, BL, and Mms. And consistent units (allowing input in any system and converting to metric for output would be good too). Horn Response is not the only program people will use this with.

You have to keep in mind that T/S are not single numbers but a curve, I can post, for instance, 3 equally valid sets of numbers for FE127 (factory (likely LMS). Linear X/LEAP (close to factory, FuzzMeasure (which has correlated to what most guys with consumer computer based gear measure), and they are not the same. Measures will also change with temp, humidity, & barometric pressure.

The scrolling window for input is not a good UI element. A mechanism for uploading existing bulk data would also be useful. I for one am not going to type in the numbers on the hundreds of drivers i already have data on.



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If you download my Eazy Horn spreadsheet there is a driver parameter page in the newer version. There are 50 or so drivers there you can add the factory parameters for.

I'm working on another update with more, and I added a description cell in it as well. Not sure when it will be ready though.

You may also want to add the calculations to get the other parameters as well, you will find them in the sheet as well. Then have your site give these numbers for those needing them. This will cut down on the amount of info people have to input.
thanks for all the replys!
Just so everyone knows, Im not the best there is when it comes to website creation...this idea happened on a whim and I just threw it together to start, and then get some feed back.
I will work on getting some updates to the spread adding additional info fields.
I'll try to find some code for simple conversion calculators to put onto the site.
As far as trying to upload a batch file into the spread sheet...I'll have to figure that one out. (any suggestions?:confused:)

Wow great links, i was going to start a new thread in search for that kind a files so i can import that into excel and do some data manipulation in order to achieve my goal.
My goal for now is in finding most cost effective subwoofer solution, i was entering some data from parts express and similar sites, and get something like this:

It is just a snapshot of my idea and i know is far away from perfect, and more data=more options, but if you narrow your design to the desired box volume, woofer size and left with fewer drivers, this can turn the dial on the scale. Especially considering unability to measure drivers true performance on your own without buying them (i.e. distorsion measurments) so this is rough estimate of driver behaviour connected with price (2*Xmax (or Vc height minus magnetic gap height), times Sd/price) assuming basic linear motor behaviour.
I know that it gets more complicated with shorting rings, mag field linearity manipulaton via mag. circuit geometry design (FEMM), suspension linearity, box type.... but as general idea is it useful?
I will pursue making large excel file to achieve this.
Comments please!
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.