Comparison between STK modules


2005-01-01 3:33 pm
I took liberty to open a STK4151V module to find out it has bigger cooling blocks than the 407-050. The STK4151V is 0.08% THD and the other is probobly 0.1-1% THD. Both are specced 30W min.

Heres a pic:


2004-01-29 5:25 pm

Thats not a problem :)

Aother thing to mention, THD has nothing to do with the sizes of output power transistors, as you can see from the picture you have taken, the substrate is smaller for STK407-050, while for STK4151V is larger, so it makes sense to be smaller for STK407-050.

Also you have to note that STK407-050 are designed for small rack stuff, I mean where space is not helping.

Last thing to say is: can any body buy me STK4191X and/orSTK4231X as I have never seen any one was able to find it :)

Thanks in advance


2005-01-01 3:33 pm
I measured the silicon die on both modules and they are as good as same size.

How can you know that the 407-050 was made for rack stuff ? Perhaps you have a datasheet ?

The STK407-050 requires less components than the STK4151V, as well as smaller physical size so it should be even more space saving :p About the thermal sensor on the 050, what should it be, a thermistor or a diode, or is it even a output for a external thermal protect circuit ?