Commercially available "Off the shelf" systems.


2019-09-21 4:51 pm
I don't build systems. I tinker with faulty existing systems. What is bothering me is the discrepancy between the specifications provided by Boxnotes and online calculators and those delivered by systems manufacturers.


I have a 4 litre cabinet measuring 255 x 215 x 215. The port is 35mm in diameter and 120mm in length. According to Boxnotes the port is tuned to 70Hz. To get to anything approaching 'reasonable' the port would have to be three times its current length.

I have another 6 litre cabinet - it has exactly the same port tube. Are manufacturers viewing the port as cosmetic accessory?
I have a 4 litre cabinet measuring 255 x 215 x 215.

Not 100% sure this part makes sense - those dimensions multiply up to nearly 12 litres.
Even if they are external and the box is made of 25mm stock it's still nearly 8 litres internal. How big a driver, bracing and port have you got in there to occupy nearly 50% of the internal space?