commercial high-power transconductance amplifier!


I was browsing through the Marchand Electronics page, and I stumbled on this... definitely looks like a high-power transconductance amplifier, and Marchand is an excellent company in regards to electronics.


Would be fun to use with subwoofers as would bypass the issue of thermal compression and other non-linearities...




2005-07-20 7:41 pm


2005-07-20 7:41 pm
jh6you said:

Constant current source . . . ? ? ?

My understanding is . . .
Transconductance amplifier (current amplifier) means that output current is proportional to input voltage while voltage amplifier means that output voltage is proportional to input voltage . . .


Your understanding is correct... and it is called a ccs for that reason... The important thing I would point out to you however is that these amps have little or no damping and damping is what stops or reverses a speaker according to the signal put into it to prevent overshooting...

I did a couple of rather crude writeups on this if you woud like to see them, just beware of the elitest hype...
Re: Re: commercial high-power transconductance amplifier!

rnrss said:
Actually CCS amp add other nonlinearities, overshoot duu to no damping...

This is only true if the speaker unit has inadequate internal damping -- which describes most speakers available. Fortunately there are some very good drivers with adequate mechanical damping that work best with CCS amps.