Comments, opinions, etc...

I have a 91 S-10 extended cab. My budget will be relatively tight. I am looking for an accurate, efficient, loud sub to put in the rear. Only looking to spend 2-300 bucks on the sub, the amp will be more of the same.
I used to have a pair of Memphis MOJO 12's that I loved in the back of my Honda Accord (they were nowhere near fully powered), so if possible something to the quality of that...I know I won't find exactly that, but something close. I figure a single 12 in a decent sized ported box would give me what I wanted. Will be looking to power it with 500-800 RMS.
Was considering a Nakamichi sub, but haven't been able to find anyone's personal opinions on them. I will be running a Nak deck, or one of the higher end Premiers (800PRS?).
Anything you guys have to say might help.