combo XLR-jack

Yeah, if anyone can get these right, it's probably Neutrik. The Chinese (?) ones I encountered in mid-2000s products like Terratec X24FW or Tascam VL-X5 were utter garbage - well, the 1/4" part was. You basically had to decide between a plug that was nearly impossible to get out or miserable contact. Been avoiding 'em like the plague since then.

Neutrik jacks have a habit of not particularly liking cheapie XLRs, they tend to be tight. Not sure who's actually right here. You'd think getting an outer diameter right would not be rocket science.


2010-05-02 10:00 pm
Amphenol are also good. Proel aren't expensive too but the cable XLR's tend to deform when "foot stepped", they become oval and won't fit in the connectors anymore. There is also a Chinese company who makes connectors for Thomann SSnake cables and they seem to last...