Collaboration for Custom DAP Passion Project

Hey guys!

I'm new to this forum, after having discovered it while researching to build my own DAP. I'm primarily an IEM user, and really love to DIY; I've been meaning to build a high end DAP, but learning about the electronics has been a bit discouraging. Is there anyone here motivated to build a DAP who might appreciate software expertise as a complementary skill-set to their hardware knowledge?

My plan was to connect a 32 bit micro-controller with a DAC chip, touch screen display, and battery, with 4.4mm balanced and 3.5mm unbalanced out, all in a small form factor.
I was reading about keeping noise-free power supplied to the system, connecting a DAC with a micro-controller over I2S, etc... and found quite a few posts on this forum about people attempting to build custom DACs.

Although I feel extremely excited about writing a custom high performance OS for the micro-controller and implementing digital filters/EQ/other features, I feel a little overwhelmed about all the circuitry and electronics. I was wondering if anyone on this forum would like to work together to build a nice DAP solution.

TLDR is anyone comfortable with DAC hardware excited about building a DAP? I would love to build a custom DAC and am very comfortable with software, but would love to work with someone for the hardware implementation due to my inexperience.
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