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i many years ago I built stereo speakers with isophon"orchester 2000" coaxial full range drivers for all musical purpose ( listening to pop, classic and jazz ).
Now I want to build another couple for hifi ( source cd, amp: leach amp around 100 watt , room 35 sqare meter )
What is a good choice for layout and coaxial driver?

many thanks for suggestions hans p
I'd say you have two categories of way forward:
1) Using standard hifi loudspeaker units such as Seas' coaxial unit. This is not full range in its exact meaning...
2) Using a loudspeaker from let's say B&C och RCF or any of those proffesional brands.

Actually - I wouldn't call any of these solution full range...

Maybe you should start specifing what you mean:
* with full range (is 20 hz the absolute requirement?)
* regarding what sensivity are you looking for
* regarding the size of the baffle, box volume, box type per choice...

hans p said:
What is a good choice for layout and coaxial driver?

since you already are in Germany: The current issue of HobbyHifi 6/2008 includes a test of 8 Coax drivers from 21-700 Euro. The 700 Euro Thiel SCS4 looks to be the best, but the Tang Band W3-1723 S for 29 Euro isn´t that bad either.

Common for 6 tested drivers (including the mentioned ones): the 30° frequency response is much better than on-axis.