Coating PA speakers. What do you use?

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I know people use various coating techniques on their PA speakers which see a lot of road duty, but which Truck bed liner / coating with texture do you guys prefer?

Price per gallon (or can) vs coverage
Ease of installation (minimal vs maximum prep work).
Yes, many things, including things made in the USA, are more expensive in OZ. To be fair, the freight costs for heavy items from you to us has to be factored in too. We also have a 10% blanket retail tax (GST), so the disparity in prices is about what we are used to.

The stuff itself seems pretty good though.

It appears that site is very pricey....

$52.5 from this place per gallon, and shipping from FL to NY is $16. So $68 per gallon shipped. I might just have to try this stuff!

Speaker Cabinet Coating - DuraTex Roller Grade: Black
I have been using Duratex for several years now. Pricy but worth it.
It is not bedliner strong, but stronger than any "regular" exterior latex I have found, and less prone to sticking together when hot.

I still use Behr for a primer coat to save some money and get complete coverage, as using a texture roller with the Duratex can leave small gaps in coverage.
Duratex vs. LINE-X

They are different. If you want you can read here (or google it) and express your opinions. :)

Duratex (home application) vs. LINE-X (professionally applied)

I also have cabinets (monitors) that are covered in Line-X. That's a 2-part coating, that I had professionally applied.

The Line-X is much thicker and more resilient than the Durtaex that I applied at home.

It (Line-X) is more expensive, but I was paying for labor as well, so a direct comparison is difficult.

It was fascinating to watch the guy apply the coating. It sprays quickly, sets up almost immediatly, and covers very thickly. Much thicker than I could achieve by using Duratex at home.

The Line-X spray equipment provide very precise control over the "spaltter" size. At home, I did not have very good control of the splatter at all.

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questions about duratex speaker cabinet coating

Duratex is a very good DIY coating, and a lot of us who build small production or custom cabinets use it as well. It is not as durable as the Line-X, Speedliner, or similar product, but it is much more durable than the lacquer-based Texturlac. Since it is water-based, there are no dangerous fumes, and clean-up is very environmentally friendly.

We have been applying it over a base coat of satin black latex, and it does quite well. If you want a very consistent finish, try the rollers that they offer. We are using a Graco RTX 650 sprayer, but I'm not quite gotten the technique down to my satisfaction yet. The hopper-gun systems won't work for us, as I need to spray inside as well as outside, and the occasional "splats" and clogged tips are just too inconvenient.

If you let it cure for 5-7 days, it is quite effective and durable.

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questions about duratex speaker cabinet coating
Duratex - Brasil
Rust-Oleum, Epoxy Shield Basement 1 gal. Gray Floor Coating Kit, 203843 at The Home Depot - Mobile

Think this stuff is any tougher than the duratex? I know it's grey, I don't mind that. But it's a 2-part epoxy.
If it is like other epoxies it will tend to crack and chip when subjected to road abuse, and touch up will be difficult .

If you really just want to only "do it once", LINE-X is the way to go.
That said, certain types of road abuse will rip through any surface treatment, and using a product like Duratex that is super fast to make small touch ups is a great feature.
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