Clueless newbie needs help Sony ES

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I am posting here as I am hoping someone can help me with my system.

I have a Sony STR-GX99ES preamp/tuner that I have used by itself for years. Recently, I obtained a TA-N80ES power amplifier and am having trouble having them work together.

I am using RCA phono plugs to connect the two. I am coming from the preamp from the "surround out rear speaker" output to the fixed input on the amplifier. I am using the unbalanced settings and have the "amp mode" switch on the preamp set to "ext".

The problem is that I am getting good sound from the right channel and a very low output on the left channel. Also, the balance knob on the preamp has no effect.

So, my question is, do I have this setup correctly? I know that the STR-GX99ES is a system designed for Audio/Video surround sound, but I use it just for audio. Is it capable of doing what I want it to do?

It could still be the cables... You can check that by swapping L/R on both ends of the cable (not just one). If the same speaker is loud before and after, then its the preamp. If the sounds swaps sides, then its the cable.

I don't know all about that preamp so I can't really help you anymore then that. Sry.
This sounds wierd, a pre amp that only does surround and has a tuner? I googled Sony STR-GX99ES and found out they are speakers? Whats the real model number? What are the inputs to the pre amp? What happens when you use the tuner? Is it a dolby surround proccesor? What are all the outputs? A picture of the back would sure help a lot !
Found some info on the net (so maybee not reliable) But it might be a 3 channel dolby surround pre, centre and stereo surrounds (which is funny because I thought dolby surround had a mono rear channel). So you might be listening to the center and a surround channel (which wont have much coming out of it.) Try playing with the surround modes if it has them and set it to stereo. ( The tuner part is really bizzare )

Why sony would sell somthing so limited is beyond me so I think there is more to it than this. Do you have a users manual?
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Thanks for sticking with me.

I have attached a picture of the rear of my unit along with what I believe is the pertinent page of the manual. I am using the output labeled "power amplifier for the rear speakers". As I stated before, I get a signal out of one channel and a very low signal out of the other. The balance control has no effect. Sony hasn't been able to help me because the unit is so old that there isn't anyone around anymore who knows anything about this unit. The guy listed on the Sony website as the "local authorized Sony expert" can't figure it out either.

Thanks for your help.


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Looks like the old dolby surround (the fake surround that takes 2 channels and turns it into 4) reciever with the option of using an external amp ONLY for the center and rear surrounds. So you cant use it as a stereo preamp. I think your using the center ( a summed mono of the 2 input channels) which will sound like a regular channel, and 1 of the surrounds which after proccessing of 2 channel CD music ends up being just the out of phase content. ( just distant reverb).

Sorry, this cant be used as a stereo preamp.
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I agree... as it stands it's no good for what you want.

Depending on your DIY skills it's possible to take the main audio L and R outputs that internally feed the main power amps, and then feed that to any of the connections you don't use.
@Mooly - thanks, but that's a bit beyond me. Not that I can't use a soldering iron, but I don't know enough to not ruin the unit.
@Jaycee - Yes, that would work. But then I wouldn't be able to use any of the controls on the pre-amp (volume, balance, sound fields).

I guess that means back to eBay. So I should on the lookout for a tuner/amp that has a pre-amp line output...yes?

Thanks for everyone's help.
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