Cloned Linn

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Back in the 80's a mate of mine called Mike wanted a Linn Lp12 , but couldn't afford one . So with a little help from a dentist that repaired clocks in his spare time, made a new and bigger bearing, for a worn out AR12 turntable. Mike being a perfectionist worked from a photo taken from a glossy mag, puchased a new motor from RS ...and made this....

Iv'e asked him for some images of this for ages , as it now lives in a box in the loft , and deserves a veiwing (seeing that a real LP12 replaced it around four years or so) . He said he couldn't really hear all that much difference , and no he's not deaf.

To quote Mike "oh gone are the days when you can just nip into some metal working company , and get them to cut some sheet up from there scrap pile "

If you wish to learn more about this little project, just e-mail me and i'll pass it on to Mike.


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pinkmouse said:
I think you ought to drag him onto the forum, so we can give him both congratulations and a good interrogation. ;)

What he said....

I actually have a Linn bearing & inner platter & a spare 50 hz motor ... i was planning on using it to make something closer to a Rega III than a Linn.

My buddy Chris sold his Linn/Lingo to upgrade to a tweaked R3.

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I really need to get my house refurbishment finished so I can unpack my old RIII and start going through my vinyl again. Any recomendations for cartridges? My existing budget AT got damaged in the move down from London a couple of years ago.

I have also found a huge lump of marble sitting in the garden I may try and make a plinth out of.

Pete, keep trying! :)
Any recomendations for cartridges?
If your R3 is old enough to have the S-arm, I can recommend the Denon DL-110, very low cost, high output MC. It is made for a heavy arm. I just bought one of those, and it sounds just great:)


Edit. It was a great pleasure for me to listen to some vinyl again!!
I didn't do that for years, and obviously forgot how good vinyl actually sounds. I had a Rega 3, from my good old friend, just have to give a dinner for it. Thats cheap, considering the Rega is in superb condition;) Now I can listen to my old beloved Beatles, Pink Floyd and so albums again. Great. And it sounds better than my heavily modded Denon DCD1450:D :D
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