clocking an ADC (just a technical question)

Hi there,

I don't want to turn this into a discussion ... it's just a technical question.

Currently I'm working on the digital part of an DIY ADAT A/D-converter.
I want to use a CS5x61 for A/D conversion and a TENT-XO for clocking.

Since the CS5x61 should work in slave mode, I need these frequencies:
- 11.2896 MHz to feed MCLK
- 2.8224M Hz to feed SCLK
- 44.1 kHz to feed LRCK

According to the datasheets of the ADAT-transmitter, there's about 115ns leeway bewteen the output time of the CS5361 and the setup time of the AL1401AG, and 147ns between the hold time of the AL1401AG and the next output of the CS5x61. Should be ok?!

Here is my circuit ... I've left out the analog part and some parts of the digital circuit (reset etc).

Is the clocking part correct?

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