Clock Reshaper Circuit For Cd

salute to everyone.

ive designed a simple circuit to reshape the bitclock between the dsp chipset & dac,i wasnt aware how huge will be the improvment!

imrovment was huge, (more soundstage/air /definition on each instrument,actually you can hear the decay from reverbs.
so i decided to elaborate it better.

i am using a 74hc00 to this task.
there is a better part for this?
i dont know how to draw it but i can explain how to do
if you ask.

happy listening.

thank you very much !

the 3 big mods that you can make to a player is:

first= feed the dac with a separated power supply & transformer.
(well regulated lm317 type)

second=use the audiomod superclock, (the best that ive ever tried) it is worth the pricing.

third= reclock the bitclock between the chipset & dac.

then you can play with op amps of your taste , black gate caps,
make the platter more stable.

these are simple steps with huge improvments that u will not
believe what your player can do.