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Cleaning up the workshop 1 - FS: Misc Drivers &

Cleaning up the workshop 1 - FS: Misc Drivers &

Cleaning up the workshop 1 - FS: Misc Drivers &

All items located in a northern suburb of St. Paul, MN.

Local pickup is encouraged.

1 pair of JBL 8" Woofers. Used in several mid-80's to
mid-'90's JBL loudspeakers. These are in good working
condition. DC resistance measures 6.0 & 6.1
respectively. Surrounds are not foam, so no worries
there. $25.00 + shipping.


1 pair of JBL TLX Tweeters. Rarely seen pair of JBL
titanium dome tweeters. Still have the clear plastic
dome protectors intact. Used in a handful of
JBL loudspeakers in the late '80s or early '90's. In
good working condition. DC resistance measures
6.4 ohms for both. $25.00 + shipping


1 Infinity 10" Woofer. I think this is out of an SM series
loudspeaker, maybe an SM112? Woofer is in good
working condition. DC resistance measures 3.2 ohms
on my meter. Cone looks to me like its treated paper,
but might be poly. Foam surround is in good shape
except for a couple of scratches in one spot (cat?).
$10.00 + shipping


1 pair of 18ga air core inductors. Measure 2.9mH. These came out of an old Fisher console stereo, from
the days when Fisher made some decent quality gear.
$7.00 for the pair, + shipping


1 Heathkit 12" woofer. Older model in good working
condition. Measures 7.6 ohms on my meter. No foam,
so no worries there. $10.00 + shipping.


1 pair of Genesis Tweeters. Well known inverse - dome tweeters, large square magnets, on large mounting
plate. These came out of a pair of Genesis 1+
loudspeakers. Both are in good working condition.
Both measure 5.4 ohms DC resistance on my meter.
$35.00 + shipping


1 pair of original Advent tweeters. These are the classic
orange "donut" tweeters, on rectangular metal
mounting brackets, from Large Advent loudspeakers.
Tweeters are in good working condition. DC resistance
measures 2.7 & 2.6 ohms respectively. One of the
tweeters has the dust cover pushed in a little, but
that doesn't affect the music reproduction.
$30.00 + shipping


If you have problems with the pictures, or if you have any questions, email
me at: [email protected]