Clean and Dirty switch in Single Channel Amp?

In my 4W practice amp, I wired a single Ge diode (switchable) across the signal path after the first stage - may be too subtle if you're into super heavy distortion. I leave it on most of the time & control the distortion with guitar volume.

For a heavier sound, try a pair of silicon diodes back-to-back in the same spot, or even more extreme a pair of mosfets. The key is finding the place in the signal chain that has the necessary level for the particular diodes used.
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This one is the deluxe version: adds a full distortion stage, with distortion/gain and volume controls:
ElectroSmash - Marshall MG10 Analysis.

This is the absolute simplest, but sounds quite good: adds extra gain and clipping diodes with just a simple switch:

DEAN MARKLEY K-15 SCH Service Manual free download, schematics, eeprom, repair info for electronics
open that page, it will delay about one minute, and change status to "get manual" , click and download it.
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