clclcrcrc or crcrclclc?

Chokes are more efficient and effective at filtering ripple then resistors so I would use them up front where the ripple is the greatest, if you wanted a very low ripple supply replace the 5u4 with silicon diodes and remove the RC sections then use a series pass regulator to soak up the increased voltage, even a shunt regulator would work if the output stage is class A.


2010-06-25 4:24 pm
power supplies

clc snip.PNG

crc snip.PNG

these are the simulations of my psu components...I know on paper...the valve rectifiers like to see a choke .....yet as you have mentioned to have the chokes upfront means less ripple....I currently run the crcrclclc set up it seems from the graphs that the chokes have a better current curve the ear you can hear no least on my kit anyway....

My choice has worried me because it goes against what I see suggested by Morgan Jones and indeed what the Lampizator uses...

I originally used diodes/ clcrc etc...but tried 5uac and found the treble to be much superior....I will give your regulation a test and go back to a silicon bridge but I think this time I will buy better diodes .....and hear what happens.thanks alan
It is odd that the valve rectifier would make any difference to the treble because a filter which is very effective at removing 100Hz mains ripple will be orders of magnitude more effective at removing Khz assuming good construction practices are used. Essentially the rectifier will never see any significant treble signal. Now it could be that your amplifier gives more treble response at a certain voltage. It may pay to measure the voltage before changing the rectifier then you can set the regulator to that voltage