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Classic OB using Betsy

Open Baffle

Was playing around modeling drivers in this baffle just for kicks. Seems the Betsy would be a good candidate for this classic look.

Wish i had the space for more OB projects!



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I think you can assume even a little more extension, as the sides should increase the effective width.

Many folks ask me about the "JE Labs" baffle design (in quotes because it isn't originally his, though he has certainly been the most popular proponent). I think a few have built a set. But, I always have to admit that I haven't tried it myself. They certainly do require some space! That is the big advantage of baffle folding. Or using a helper woofer. Still, I suspect this "classic" design is about as good a basic implementation as one can get with the Betsys. I do intend to cobble together a set when I have the chance.