Classe DR-3B


My fantastic amplifier is dead.
Anyone now were i can get a Wiringdiagram, Servicemanual and Sparepartslist?
The output transistors are not working anymore and i do not know the
number because the manufacturer has erased them:(
I have a wiringdiagram to DR-3 VHC but i do not know if this have same transistors as my DR-3B and if i can use this on my DR-3B:scratch:
wiring diagram and schematic are two different things

wiring diagram is something as picture of amp , with details of wiring ( wires route)

schematic is electric diagram

anyway - if you observe from VHC schematic and your actual amp that there is overall similarity , there is big chance that parts are similar or same

if you are not able to compare schematic and your amp , it's certainly wiser to leave repair job to someone skilled