Class Mosfet power amplifier circuit

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I see that those are two different N channel parts with different
current and voltage ratings.

The 2sk725's voltage and current are quite suitalbe for building
a number of the Zen amplifiers, I think. The ones requiring two
N type Mosfets per channel.

The 727 has a 900 volt rating with a 5 amp current, and I imagine
it could be put to similar use if you like.

Thank Mr Pass.. how if 2sk725 use for build Citation12 ? are possible ? Mr Pass I tell you idont have anything experience work with mosfets. All my power amplifier project are BIPOLAR, i dont like mosfets.. But after i liestening sound from ... ( look at the picture please.. ) oh i want to know / study about Mosfets! And i think your web site a the rigth pleace ! Thank



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Hai Mr Pass
I am would like to ask about Aleph Power Ampliifer

Now I am during prepare spare parts of Aleph Power Amplifier
I need 150 Watts rms Power out put.
How many Mosfets per channel ?
How many micro farad of Capacitor?
How many Ampere ( VA ) of Toroid Transformer ?

I am all ready make PCB Aleph 4 but at there just for 12 Mosfets ( 100watts )

Thank you




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OK! Thank Mr Blues.
Actualy i need Aleph with power out put 150watts.. because my speaker double 10" woofer (DIY) and usualy i am use for liestening my favorite music JAZZ Fusion ( Four Play ) now iam runing with my diy bipolar power amplifier 300watt. and for liestening JAZZ vocal music i am use JBL S26 . and for the future i am have planing to drive my JBL woofer 2226G VGC with Aleph Power Amplifier. please your advice! Thank you!

God Bless You! :D

Sorry my english not good! ( we call english cowboy ):clown:


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2226G...for jazz:eek: I'd personnaly advise 2235 or 2234
they are more commonly used in Hi fi applications...the 2226 is a PA woofer not really for hifi applications ...unless you consider changing the spyder and suspension for softer ones...,
I tried it already...a pass 30w will drive it easily, the problem doesn't lie there...this speaker has a heavy cone, with cone breaks quite high around 1K2, making the mid range a bit hard to well it can be fitted in small volumes, but with low output under 70HZ...
Yups...! Mr Bob,
thank for your advise and 100% You rigth! JBL 2234 is driver wofeer for JBL 4435 LR . I am just had on hand stock JBL driver wofeer 2226G.
Mr zionrider soory actualy i don't have Schematic of my gong power amplifier.. because the my pcb" ex" from the other power amplifier ( giving from my friend )i am just remove all parts and put the new parts and better parts..

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