Class D with above 2.5Mhz output?

Is there any class D amplifier that is fast enough to have 50V/us or above? So i am expecting the output pwm is beyond 2.5Mhz.

So i am looking for an chip Class D that able to work over 200khz, and if possible DC output too!

I have bought some irs2092, TPA3255, but their output is just around 400~500khz.

Attached is the output that i wish to generate, and the load will be very low.

I have tried to drive with 4xparallel LME49600, surprisingly they cant do the job.


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I know that waveform. It's from a piezoelectric printhead :) The original design actually switches up to 5MHz.

I have used ganfet with some success to replicated the waveform, but I do not have time to debug everything. Class AB with heatsink and some airflow work fine for us.