Class D amp with Bluetooth and battery, does such a thing exist?

I want to build a small foldable open baffle speaker and need a small easy, neat package.
The ideal would be a readymade amp with build in battery.
It doesn’t matter much if it has a case or not. But I would prefer a naked PCB if there is a choice.

It seems impossible to find an amp that satisfies all three requirements though:
1. Class D and small, low wattage
2. Bluetooth
3. Build in battery of reasonable capacity. Alternatively an easy to charge external battery pack.

I find it hard to believe that such an amp does not exist.

My drivers are 94dB full range, so they pose little challenge.

I know there is not much DIY from the amp point of view. I can see though that there is similar threads and I promise to solder in a new set of capacitors of I find a good amp.
The project just doesn’t warrant building a whole amp from scratch.
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Search for 'party speaker'.....

A laptop battery can be used to power many Class D amps, and its brick charger used with a proper circuit to top it up.
There are many 12-30 V Class D amp boards with built in Bluetooth.


Representative image off the net of a rechargeable FM radio, with Bluetooth, SD and USB reader, and copy of the famous Nokia BL-5 battery.
Like $5-6 here in India.

Should work for you.
No ties to seller, some aged friends of mine use it while traveling, sound is impressive for such a toy looking device.
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Diymore Pam8403 5w+5w Dual Channel Wireless Digital Bluetooth Receiver Audio Stereo Amplifier Module 18650 Charging Board Dc 5v - Integrated Circuits - AliExpress
Would this work? It doesn't come with a battery but you can slot a 18650 one in and it's good to go. Runs on a PAM8403.
I've used It and works fine. It charges the battery perfectly from any micro USB charger. Bluetooth pairs well too.

Problem is the microusb socket, its fragile and can be ripped off from the board easily.