Class D amp problem


I´m a new user on this forum and my english quite bad also, so forgive me already :D

I have a problem with D -class amplifier, there is noise from speaker even when no signal (only power) is on.

I have already changed TL494, every electrolyte from it, cleaned it up and varnished those transformers.

I´d be very thankful if someone could help me with this.

The noise is quite high Hz and raises and falls at a steady pace.

If I measure DCV from speaker output it shows 25-35mV.

Thank You!!
Oh...I bought it, brand is Autostudio and model E-1200

I don't have a schematic for this and neither my measure -tool at this point is only universalmeter (don't know what it is in English) :)

I was wondering that could the problem be in HIP4080 or some op -amps controlling that HIP?

The frequency from speaker is quite high Hz and it sails up and down between about 1kHz-15kHz

E: hah..think it's 'digital multimeter' :D
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Okay, I have now measured some things from the amp. All measurements are from power ground. Oscilloscope is set at AC.

Speaker output
Power FET1
Power FET2
Chassis ground
TL494 Vcc
HIP4080 Vcc
4013BP Vdd
LM393 Vcc
LM833 Vcc

FETs are measured from Drain to Power Ground
The big electrolytics...the ones on the right both have + to the right and the ones on the left the + are towards each other.

Verify that they are in correctly.

Good point :) thin they are right least the markings on board tells that. And I believe they would be blown already if they were wrong way.

I was wondering that could the problem be in the PWM because those TL494 outputs are width 8uS up and 15uS down both channels..and measured before the chokes on speaker output it is 8uS up and 8uS down. Woldn't that frequency difference do harm?

Please someone help..a bit lost with this