Class D amp in a vintage amp


2013-03-20 2:16 am
Hello all, new guy here.

I'm considering putting class d amps in an old integrated amp, removing the boards (preamp, amp, phono, tape head input), just wiring the volume output into the d amp's input. From the looks of the schematic, the volume control is the last thing before the driver section. I would loose the phono preamp and tape head preamp but that can be worked out later.
Has anyone done this type of thing before? I did some searching, but nothing turned up.

thanks in advance.

norman bates

2003-11-25 2:28 am
why not ?

I have a buddy that put a 3110 in a heathkit preamp..........

Looks really nice.


might even be for sale....................

another buddy thought of using pass a40 boards as driver boards then buying boat anchor amps.
You have chassis, outputs, transformer, power supply, connectors...............

Make some space, mount the input/driver board, set the voltage for the board, then bias, and voila !!!!!!!!!!!!

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2013-03-20 2:16 am