Circuit Tracing

I have a PCB which I need to trace a part of a circuit so I can repair the thing. The PCB is covered with paint or whatever in such a way that I can't see where the traces go. I would like to remove this paint ?? so I can get at the circuiot traces to find what goes where. Cann anybody help me with this???
what you are trying to remove is probably the solder resist, the only way to remove this is normaly by using some sort of abrasive. Usulay a fibre glass brush for electonic rework, but its a pain.
If light wont shine though the PCB it may be a multilayer, with power planes, as usually even with solder resist light will pass through the board. If it is a multilayer you may have problems following the traces.
That said it can be done, but not very easily.
Good Luck.