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Circuit boards and a part or two

Alright there is a list of stuff for sale. If you would like pictures just send me a message.

Pair of F5T V2 boards (2 gain stage, 2 N channel, 2 P channel) $35 x3
DIY Audio universal PSU $15 x2 SOLD
DIY Audio soft start and DC protector $15 x2 SOLD
10 Keratherm transistor insulator $10 x2 SOLD
Matched quads IRFP9240/240 (matched by h_a) $25 x2
Pair of Sony VFET boards $40
LSK170/LSJ74 Matched quads (matched across transistor types as well to 7.4ma) $50 SOLD

Only looking to ship in US right now. Everything will be sent via USPS and shipping will be $5.

Thanks for looking.
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