Ciare CH250 in a BLHorn?

Henkjan said:
I have searched but failed to find any design for the CH250 in a horn.. is this because it is not possible to design a horn for this driver? can't imagine nobody tried...

Re = 3,4 ©
fs = 65 Hz
Qm = 12,8
Qe = 1,53
Qt = 1,36

Hi Henkjan,

as a rule of thumb you can calculate fs/Qt
which gives a hint for which type of (bass) enclosure
a driver is suitable. For this driver this is around 48.
Typical Horn drivers start around > 90 .

I guess you want to build a backloaded Horn. The Qt of the
driver is pretty high, which means there is too less damping
at resonance frequency. In a small sized Horn it is not possible
to get the damping from the horn at such a low frequency.
What can be tried is to add resistive load by applying a mechanical resistance in the throat of the Horn.

Using a compression chamber of suitable ratio could work.

(> 1/10 ?)

You should use AJ Horn or a comparable software to do
some simulations. The compression chamber has to be designed

From the pure TSP Parameters this is a driver for
Open Baffle, Transmission Line or an aperiodic Box

For use in OB you need a large displacement volume.
The driver has a max linear escursion of only 0,5 mm with
cone area around 280cm2 . So i would not use it fullrange
in OB, even though there are such designs using that
driver ...

It depends on your preferred listening, if you need higher
levels, maybe a horn design with resistive compression chamber
is worth a try.