CHR70 Tower with Integral Sub Woofer Idea

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I'm thinking of designing a tower speaker using the Mark Audio CHR70 but with an integral sub woofer. I want to design it so that the sub is concealed so that you get the image of a lot of sound coming from a neat cabinet with a tiny driver.

The sketch in the image is an idea using the Tang Band tWT-1427G as it is very shallow (84mm). I've gone for a 6th order bandpass. I've quickly tried this driver in Win ISD and I'm hoping it will be possible to cross at 100Hz and play down to 30Hz however with a drop in efficiency to 81dB.

So, is this a stupid idea? Has anyone done anything like this before? Will a 6th order sub sound rubbish? Should I try a different approach?

Any help or ideas would be appreciated. I may not be making this just yet as I'll need to find a friend to buy them first! But when I do I'm happy to share everything.



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I'm sure that would be easier but I like the idea of completely hiding the woofer from view. I think the cabinet will look better and will give people a shock when they listen to it!

Do you know if the sound quality from a 6th order cabinet will suitable for Hifi? I've built an 18" pro-audio cabinet before but this is a different game.
6th order band pass to be frank is not something i'd ever recommend for sound quality
if you want maximum bass i'd highly recommend it, but sound quality is destroyed
a 4th order would be better
i like plane sealed boxes simple, always works, most versatile can go anywhere, make it face the floor just hits straight subs, with the lower out put i just get bigger subs
if i where you i'd look into a sealed box in the tower then a radiator on the outside to dampen sound if your feeling complicated
don't forget complex boxes may be the a bomb in one room
in the next they many suck and be a waste of time
Or even with the appropriate woofer, a simple sealed enclosure - a la Tyson

this particular drawing was for build that used Fostex FF85K in upper tapered TL, and CSS SDX7 in lower sealed compartment - worked quite well

a similar topology could work well for a variety of driver configurations

the vertical and front to back internal panels are bracing, and the panel behind the driver was to allow for rebated / flush mounting


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