Choice of LCR


2011-02-04 10:10 am
While it does not have USB I bought one of these

Auto LCR Meter Digital Bridge Resistance Capacitance Inductance ESR Meter 0.3% | eBay

It comes with Kelvin clips so is 4 wire. Before I retired I worked in the repair centre of a calibration laboratory, so I have a resistor and inductor I calibrated before I left. I was not expecting much as the price was cheap. But to my surprise absolute accuracy was within 1% and repeatability was exceptional within 1 count.
While it does not have USB

thanks for information. But as I said I want to unify collect of data between lab apparatus. One software from oscilloscope to lcr :wrench:

so actually these models are supported:
DER EE DE-5000 (serial)
MASTECH MS5308 (serial)
Peaktech 2165 (serial)
PeakTech 2170 (serial)
Voltcraft 4080

If users can share feedbacks...
My Sencore give me only ESR and value. Plus, keeping calibration of old apparutus can cost more then todays products that offer smaller size and more precise products for less money.:(

During first searches before posting, DE-5000 is often quoted. But need extra cost $70 for usb not included
DER EE PC Set USD Infrared Adapter with CD-ROM for DE-5000 LCR Meter NEW | eBay
-- seems that have not Four-terminal sensing...
++ 100Hz/120Hz/1kHz/10kHz /100kHz testing capacity

Choice balance between DE5000 and PeakTech 2170
++Four-terminal sensing
++ 100Hz/120Hz/1kHz/10kHz /100kHz testing capacity
++ usb included
-- over priced, $315 near benchtop

Users feedbacks are welcome

I own now a new LCR meter and here is some feedbacks :

I have chosen PeakTech 2170 for crocodile cable guard and integrated PC interface.

Some testing with measurement standards, let me verify that this meter comply to specs.

I only hate the fact that each turn on, display return to general display, and need to switch to L.