chipamp lm3886 help

hi ive just put together th 3886 kit from chipamp and im getting nothing until i touch the front left pin of the chip with the + from the speaker then i get a pop and i connect speaker back up and it works but when i turn it up it turns of and i have to repeat the above

any help would be appreciated
The LM3886 datasheet shows that the left front pin (pin 1) is the V+ (positive rail voltage) so the fact that the speaker pops when you touch the speaker wire to this can be expected, and probably has nothing to do with your problem.
Fast Eddie D has a good point. The LM3886 will shut down if it overheats, and it will overheat if not heatsinked. Repeating your exercise of touching the speaker wire to pin 1 may just give the chip time to cool down, and have nothing to do with getting the amplifier to work.
I recommend attaching the chip to a heatsink, if not already. If that doesn't work, or if it's already heatsinked, I recommend posting a photo. Photos are really valuable in helping people diagnose problems.
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