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Chipamp.com people around?

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Thanks for that. You've built a few of the Chipamp kits, haven't you?
Allan, while trying hard to be helpful, has not been good at replying to my phone calls or e-mails. He has a few times
waited weeks, or even months, before replying.

You'd think that they'd include a shipping status feature on the Website, but no. <rollseyes>

I ordered an LM3886 kit on the 7th of Feb. Received a receipt from paypal, and an order confirmation from chipamp. Order is currently "processing".

Have sent a few emails asking questions to every different chipamp related email I can find. Nothing.

I understand chipamp may be a secondary job for him, but when you accept money from people, you have an obligation to provide a minimum standard of service.
Still nothing...

I had to take it to PayPal now - quite sad really, I never had something like this, and it makes me wonder why others seem to get a response or orders and I don't. If anyone is in direct contact with him I would appreciate getting in touch with me.

Don't feel too bad. I have a long history of waiting at least a week for shipping. My second last order shipped 7 days after I paid for it. For that order, Allan e-mailed me to see if there were any corrections or changes. I e-mailed back 30 mins. later, indicating I needed to add some components. They were not added to the order.

For some reason, that order went off the radar on the US Postal's Website. I called US Postal, and they told me they couldn't track it, cause it wasn't a trackable service. After 20 or 21 days, I e-mailed Allan, asking for him to do a trace. No reply.

The parcel arrived up here in Canada after 23 days. Yes, 23 days.

I am just a newbie, but I complained about several things to Allan. All complaints went unanswered. Not a single reply.

Now, to be fair, on another occasion, Allan went to bat to help me. But this was after several other thing were fouled up. And in some cases, I went months before I got replies to a voicemail, e-mail etc.

You might want to start considering Audio Sector's boards.
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The parcel arrived up here in Canada after 23 days. Yes, 23 days

That is not unusual. CanadaPost to USPS for an expidited package is typically 4-10 days (depending on how long it sits in customs). Coming the other way the standard deviation is not nearly as tight. One time i had a package shipped from TX at the same time as one from WA. The 1st took a week, the 2nd took a month.

A week from payment to ship is quick in my books. This is a company with 1 (or maybe 2 people) working it as a 2nd job.

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Placed my order on February 4th and received it (minus the binding posts) February 16th.
Allen and I had a few pleasant emails about when I would see my binding posts. Still nothing and no more email replies. I decided to contact PayPal to protect myself if the rest of my order never is received. We are all trying to build and complete various projects, the lack of communication is very frustrating. This was a learning experience that I will not repeat.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.