Chip amp hookup

I have a couple of STK4044 modules. I am about to attempt firing them up. The PCB has labels -VDC, +VDC, Gnd, Gnd, Gnd, +sig, +sig, HP, HP.
I am assuming, that sig+ is the input for each respective channel and HP is the output power from the module. Are all 3 grounds shared in a chip amp like this? Can I feed these modules with a preamp? I have a transformer, rectifier, 6800uF 56Volt capacitors and 500ohm resistors to power these up. Is there anything else I need?
The picture is not very large but may be readable.


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2007-09-15 8:14 am
Just a minute.... not very large :D How big did you want it.

I think you need to do some checks before firing it up. The speaker output will go to the coils (+S I would have said, just from you asking and me looking) so thats total uncertainty. Have a measure and refer to the data shhet for the IC to check the inputs, but once the speaker out is determined the other has to be input by default.


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