Chinese VU meters backlight

So I bought this VU meter set from Aliexpress:

It works well, but the backlight terminals show infinite resistance. They should be fitted with small bulbs, not LEDs. I could not find the way how to disassemble it.
Anybody has experience with them?


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That screw IS the zero adjustment so end of meter if one keeps turning that one.

According to the seller: The backlight is an incandescent light bulb. Working voltage: 6 ~ 12V AC or DC. However the website gives the thought that versions with and without backlight exist.

Strong suspicion here that disassembly will make your carbon footprint worse.
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That is why a close up picture is needed and requested :D To help you. You have the meters and you have an issue. We don’t have the meters and we don’t have an issue but you ask us so we need detailed pictures not vague advertisement pictures. Simple ;)
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