• WARNING: Tube/Valve amplifiers use potentially LETHAL HIGH VOLTAGES.
    Building, troubleshooting and testing of these amplifiers should only be
    performed by someone who is thoroughly familiar with
    the safety precautions around high voltages.

Chinese Tube Amp?

Hi all!

This is my first post here. Few weeks ago I got a k-12m kit and I love it... only problem is that its pretty low on power.

So I was thinking of getting a relatively cheap chinese tube amp, and I'm looking for recomendations. I'm in Brazil, so getting a used Dyna or something is not a good option, since custom duties here are very, very high (96%).

So, can anyone recommend me a good chinese tube amp and where can I order it??

Thank you very much!

I have lot of e-mails from Chinese comrades offering parts for my systems. But while offering them they are asking for details of my designs. I suppose if I provide them some they'll start mass production of under-designed, under-thinked-off items flooding a market... It is what happens today: they have a huge manufacturing power, but don't want to pay adequately for designs.
bsgd said:

Yes, this is true. Thats why I'm asking for sugestions on a good chinese amp here :).

No pasaran!!!

:hot: :hot: :hot: :clown:

Take an industrial control transformer, some tubes and other parts, and I'll teach you how to make one without their help.

Which tubes do you have already?

Which transistors do you have?

I've helped here already designing DIY stuff from available parts that is state of the art, now it's your turn. What parts do you have available, and what specs do you want?
Hi Wavebourn,
How about some ideas of a PP amp using NOS Tung-Sol 6550's, Edcor 6600 ohm 60 watt transformers and a Hammond power transformer rated if I remember 720VCT@250ma, 6.3VAC 8amps and 5VAC 4amps. I would like to integrated it to the preamp I am attaching using 12AU7 and 12AX7's. I have all these parts in my stock.

Sal Brisindi


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Ipanema said:
Wavebourn, You sounds like those chinese does not know a single things about tube amp design. BTW, most of the tube circuit are just some variation from old design in the dinasour age. :xeye:

I'm not really sure how to say this without it sounding bad, but I am going to try. Chinese amps aren't very good quality by the west's standards usually, but that's not a bad thing per se... First off, I've lived and worked in the People's Republic of China. So I'm not just posting random thoughts... so I hope you read on a bit.

The Chinese culture has to deal with 1.3 billion+ people in every thing they do. They do not have the luxury of sparse population like most western populations go. And despite their vast industrial/manufacturing power, it is very young indeed compared to the west.

That leads to 2 things. First off, you don't have to have good customer service, there's always someone else to sell to... or there is no other place to get it... etc. That's not to say all merchants are poor sellers in China, but the business concepts and mantra are different from the west. Here we push sales, move it move it move it.. there, it is like, we didn't sell it today, we'll sell it later... The precursor of that is the true communist state where prices were set by the state, the government signed your check and it didn't matter if you made sales or not... times are changing, but it's not like the west. Again, it's just different from here...

Second, with that many people, economy of materials is in every facet of life. Not long ago, people were starving to death in large numbers... that stuff doesn't just disappear overnight. As such, I believe the culture has ingrained a sense of economy in the people that doesn't necessarily match up with our rather selfish and luxurious audiophile equipment in the west... that doesn't mean there aren't luxury items in china, of course that's silly, but the idea of having the best there is is not prevalent like in the west, again, we've been wealthy for a long time and many of us don't realize how spoiled we are... (myself included)

Since most tube amps sound great, even the cheap ones, they are very happy with the products they are making. And you have to remember, in the west, we are very rich and very spoiled. (myself included). That said, our ideas of the ultimate tube amp, might not be the best solution for someone else.. like the original poster.

In this case, one of those Chinese amps might be a great way to get a 50watt tube amp...

And in the case of the Chinese where they might make 800-1600 yaun a month soldering... (that's 100-200US) these (even cheap) tube amps are a fortune...

I guess I ultimately am saying that even though they aren't the luxury items we typify of a tube amp in the USA or EU... it doesn't mean they don't have value or a place in the big scheme of things. So, they may or may not have a place in your home... obviously, everyone here would help the poster build a tube amp, but maybe we should also support the idea of getting a cheap chinese amp too, if that fills a need... after all, it's about the music... not just the parts that make it... and A tube amp is better than NO tube amp... peace. -Sean

BTW & PS - the old designs comment... come on... not true at all... much has changed over the years... even if some things have not... despite the fall of tubes in industry, it doesn't mean forward progress hasn't been made.
OK, I'll say it!! You GET what you pay for.... The Far East is all about looks/cosmetics, they look great. I've repaired 2 Chinese amps and got to REALLY INSPECT the quality. The quality is very poor and not made to last long and this pertains to xmers, pots, switches, wire, everything. They won't last like a Dyna etc. and the sound is nothing special. There are a lot of posts on "how can I improve my Chinese amp". Then $300 later you still have a medicore Chinese amp. Quality is what it's about! Save up buy a well known quality piece. .... Try getting parts for a Chinese amp???? Be carefull............
This is an Open Letter to Chinese manufacturers.

I. Anatoliy Lisovskiy AKA Wavebourn recognize your manufacturing power.
Born in Siberia I had good Chinese neighbors.
Educated in TIASUR I had rich experience in audio design.

I need a plant that will manufacture my equipment.

We'll build Hi-Fi amps, guitar amps, vocal amps, mixers, microphones, a gear that shape voices before recording, and restore dynamics when reproducing them.

I swear to reveal all details to DIY community so they will be able to build competing devices.

Sal Brisindi said:
Hi Wavebourn,
How about some ideas of a PP amp using NOS Tung-Sol 6550's, Edcor 6600 ohm 60 watt transformers and a Hammond power transformer rated if I remember 720VCT@250ma, 6.3VAC 8amps and 5VAC 4amps. I would like to integrated it to the preamp I am attaching using 12AU7 and 12AX7's. I have all these parts in my stock.

Sal Brisindi

Hi Sal Brisindi;

what about specs you want and parts you have?

This is a game of specs from parts. A schematic is not among them, it is means that may be varied according to the game.

Ok, you have 6550 tubes and an excellent Edcor transformer (I tried them, they are good!).
Do you have any HV MOSFETS? Ir devices are cheap if to compare to your toobs, but they will fit well into a high-end amp that I have in mind. One triode, one FET, one transformer. Big SE sound from one PP buck

Can you post please curves for your tubes in triode connection?
OK, now this has became a thread about east x west !

Well I just got som B&w 685 made in china and I love them! They are far superior than my old 601 and 602. I dont know about the build quality though (as I havent taken a look inside the speakers or anything), but they definatley sound better than the old 600 sereis made in England.

I know China often make bad products. But good manufacturers shouldnt let the quality drop just because they moved to China.

Now, back to the question: I need a cheap high power good sounding tube amp. Anyone ?
Sal Brisindi said:
Anatoliy ,
I don't have any curves for triode or pentode mode. I was thinking building my 6550 amp in pentode mode. I do not have HV mosfets but I can purchase them. I am at the gathering parts and ideas stage of the game.


Ok, do you have a power supply and tools needed to obtain ciurves from your toob?
Triode/pentode are means; you need your end result, right?
The same cat may be skinned by several ways. You need to choose one, right?