Chinese Teflon u-Cap

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That's typical modus operandi from the biggest country in east asia, "playing dumb", having the print saying "Hand Made" and then places "Mexico" underneath attempting at misleading the customer into unconsciously putting together these two aforementioned lines as if it says "hand made in Mexico" which it does NOT!
If one challenges the seller why he put "Mexico" on the cap underneath "hand made" he may very well respond with "I think it's a beautiful and exotic name" or some other dumb explanation.

One really really have to read into what these mischievous sellers are trying to convey but NOT selling, for example I remember many years ago bought a bunch of rechargeable AA NiMh cells from a Chinese seller on eBay which according to the pictures said only "3200" on the package as far as one could see (this is a rechargeable cell brand that has been sold tons of by many Chinese sellers and during many years, and on eBay's discussion forum there are many posts regarding these batteries but eBay does nothing about it), the seller advertised these cells as "3200 mAh", figure now out what's wrong with this, what does the 3200 on the cell package really mean.... 3200 bananas? 3200 shoes? So what's missing... the crucial keyword that was NOWHERE printed on these cells is "mAh", yep, these cells were not "3200 mAh" but plain and simple "3200", a superfluous which means absolutely nothing in this context, could have had "Turbo" or "Super" or any other nonsense superlative printed on it, and the capacity of these cells were nowhere near 3200 mAh, lesson learned.

Even if there's a single typo I would not take that for granted it could be just a "typo" but a very probable attempt at fooling the customer, don't think for a fraction of a second "oooooh poor guy, his chinglish is so broken so I will give him the benefit of doubt and trust he really meant 'Toshiba' and not 'Toishba' as he typed", I would contact the seller for an explanation AND pressing the seller to correct the "typo" in his sells text/pictures before buying anything.

ps. One could ask the seller what the print "Hybrid Teflon" on the cap really means in practice, is Teflon really used throughout the capacitor as the only one dielectric, if not then how many % of it is Teflon, otherwise it could potentially mean just anything like only one layer of Teflon around the outer peripheral of the capacitor, remember the real meaning of the word "hybrid" because one could end up with a cap containing only 0,000...1% Teflon and still be a "Hybrid Teflon" cap.
Who knows what "Hybrid Teflon" could mean, maybe some cheap dielectric with Teflon oil sprayed on it, it could be anything.


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