Chinese Pass amp clone

Want I really want is a used Aleph 3/30 at a reasonable price, even though they would likely need to be serviced soon.

But that's not the way it works in this greedy world!

I have had good luck so far with carefully selected Chinese clones that cost me a small fraction of the insanely priced western versions.

Or maybe I should spend this money rebuilding my Accuphase E-202 instead?
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There's already a thread here about building these. He even designed new boards, and may still have some.
You can be certain that this will be better than any uninformed attempt at a copy, using crappy parts.
Bear in mind that most of the cost in many amplifiers is the chassis/heat sink and power supply.
But never buy parts other than known brands from authorized distributors.
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I like the better stuff Accuphase makes, but apparently you don't.

reason why I don't cherish anything Accuphase ( I did listen several of them and even owned one, by twist of fate and Brotherhood) is sorta similar to logic of your thinking - I don't have enough money to regularly buy one, and I'm finding that for money I can scratch for purpose - I can build something sounding better than anything Accuphase

now, informed choice is, as always, very important; commenting some of your post #1 - there is not so much difference between Aleph 3 and Aleph 30

Aleph is Aleph is Aleph; number making difference is pretty much saying how big Aleph is made (number of outputs, rails value and weight of PSU), but they're all pretty much same and of same character, deliberately

Aleph 3 and Aleph 30 - pretty much same thing, power saying that one 300VA xformer for both channels or 150VA per channel is enough for task; you can always put more, but that's enough

now - with today's prices, hard to build anything of that scale without investment of 500-600$ in hardware and parts, majority going to Aluminum and Iron (case, xformer(s), caps)

if you're cheap bstrd without personal investment in present community - go and buy commercially made clone, but don't ask here for advice

if you're cheap bstrd with some personal investment in present community (as is case with me) - go and buy similar case from same source (Ali, in general) as above, scavenge all possible surplus places for xformer and caps, find cheapest/best source for pcbs and rest and enjoy in building

majority of us here started building "to make one to have and use it" .......... and years later building is joy and way of making life more enjoyable........ spending money carefully but really not making any sum calculus
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Zen Mod, I hear what you are saying. I don't want to seem like a drain or put-off to this community.

It's just that I am pretty broke currently, and long overdue for an upgrade in my amplification.

As my Accuphase is thoroughly fried, I have been using a mid 90's Sony ES reciever. Decent, but not great.

If I could build an Aleph 3/Zen 4 amp for under $600, I would consider it.
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If I could build an Aleph 3/Zen 4 amp for under $600, I would consider it.

You probably can, but also you could look for an old amplifier chassis, with or without the power supply.
Or build a chassis if you can, and have parts. That would cut the cost a lot. This is exactly what many here do.
Maybe fixing the Accuphase and selling it, would pay for everything and more.

Look at the boards and kits in the diyAudio store. Hardly expensive stuff. The chassis are more but are high quality.

People here will help you all the way if you are building a known, good board design, and will give you free advice
that is literally worth thousands in consulting fees. And lots of them are highly experienced professional technicians,
engineers, and scientists.
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