Chinese OPA2134, OPA2107, and OPA2111?

Has anyone ever ordered any of these on ebay from china? There is a HUGE cost difference versus ordering from a proper supplier in the US.

Here is a comparison of OPA2132PA pricing
China Ebay

Is it possible that Newark sources their parts from China and simply marks them up? Has anyone compared Mouser vs Ebay/Newark? I know the image in Mousr is just a reference but the TI site info shows the same pic. Pretty different looking vs both the Ebay and Newark, which look similar to eachother.
i guess a better question is, has anybody ordered OPA chips from Newark? I just received four different pairs that i'm comparing for a project. Was doing testing last night and it didn't even occur to me that Newark might be sourcing cheap ones from China until i looked up prices on ebay and saw they looked the same and that Mouser's/TI's site looked different.

I have another project that'll requires 24 to 30 op amps. Direct outs on a vintage recording console. 30 X Mouser pricing makes me want to consider sleuthing elsewhere. And if Newark could be questionable, it might be Mouser vs Ebay. The maths really add up hugely. But yeah, no sense in skimping.


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2007-09-15 8:14 am
Its common for ebay parts to show an original but for the supplied item to be different.

There are just so many horror stories of fake components that its just not worth the risk. Newark is part of Farnell I believe. I would say absolutely zero chance of their parts being anything other than genuine.