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Chili Chang horns for sale / Fostex 167 & 166 drivers for them too...

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The wife is really fussing too much about these, they need to go. I will email photos to interested parties, just give me an email address. They have a treated 167E driver with dampened frames, Planet 10 phase plugs, and puzzle coating. No dots though. Will consider sale without drivers too. I am fairly centrally located in Oklahoma so local meet for pickup anywhere within 200mi would be considered. The were hand built by a respected cabinet maker ( my father, a custom home builder). Built from 3/4" Baltic birch, front done in slightly stained natural wood, the sides, back, top and bottom are painted in a flat antique white enamel. They really look nice and sound great. Reasonable offers considered. I have a pair of 166E drivers too I will throw in at a reduced price for a package sale of all.

These were built to exacting specs and done right. They show very well I think, my wife thinks they are too big.

I travel through Dallas frequently and will also be going to San Antonio over the holidays, could bring them with me then if an interested party were en route.

I am on an iPad right now so I can't use it to post pictures to this thread. I can email you some pics directly though.

Hmmmm....I was hoping for some offers, that would make it easier. I guess I would like to get at least $250 for the enclosures, $175 for the 167E's....$400 if purchased together.

I would consider freight shipping, these buggars are about five foot tall and weigh about as much as a sheet of Baltic birch each. I would prefer somebody close to meet me somewhere in the middle but if a serious party wants them shipped I will look into what is involved.

Soon I will have the pictures posted, a day or two, but in the meantime if you want to see them please give me an email address to forward them to. iPad users will understand why I can't post them with my iPad.

As far as selling the 167E's outright and shipping out of the country, I would like to give it a few more days to see if I can sell them as a package here in the states.
I will research postage to Spain however.

Correction, the wood is stain grade, low void, natural birch. I was recalling that these were too tall to get the proper size of all the panels from Baltic birch so I went with the highest quality birch obtainable in San Antonio. As I recall, it was nearly $70 a sheet.
Send me your email and I will shoot some pics to you.

Yes, I have heard a few single driver setups, mostly smaller drivers. I have some Alpair Ch70's, radio shack 4.5", Fostex 127's, and FX120's, all of which have been in various enclosures ranging from OB, BR, and ML-TQWT. This has been my most ambitious project to date. These were primarily built to listen to a 2a3 SE amp I built. They sound great with my low powered gear. I have never been one to learn the audiophiles approved lingo when discussing speakers. I will take a jab at it though. First thing is first, I listened to them totally unmodified at first...not bad at all but the midrange was a bit harsh at times. The Phase plugs from Planet 10 and the coating of the drivers tamed that down signoficantly. Now I think that is the most excellent part of these speakers. The mids are crystal clear. The bass at first was a little lacking until I added the spikes to the bottom of the enclosures as recommended somewhere on this forum. That made a huge difference. I never did expect huge bass from a driver with an Xmax of around a millimeter but I was pleasantly surprised with what 2.5 watts could do with these.

If I recall these drivers measure about sixty by twelve by eight inches. They are pretty heavy too. The compression chambers were sprayed with 3M bed liner pretty thick and them a heavy coat of undercoating. On top of that is some sound adsorbing acoustic foam. I toyed with various amounts of acoustistuff but ended up removing all of it, your preference may differ.

Here os a good thread about this design, it is the one that inspired me to have them made: http://www.diyaudio.com/forums/full-range/132443-chilli-chang-review-mod.html

The drivers have raw, unpainted Planet 10 phase plugs that I finished off with some steel wool. The cones were treated with a few coats of puzzle coat as recommended by Planet 10 as well. I never got around to painting the dots on the driver. Just felt it didn't need them, I was thoroughly pleased with how they sound without it. They are ready for the application if you wanted to do it yourself. Lastly, the baskets were neatly treated with some industrial grade calking tape. This stuff is what is used to weather proof and seal where the walls of a steel building meetes the concrete slab. I have used it on all my drivers. Very sticky, pliable, and dense. Can be easily removed with a little goof off.

The internal wire is Belkin 14ga flat cable sold at Madisound, the binders are the cup fashion with gold plated posts. The dimensions of the cup are such you could replace them with the plates partsexpress.com sells and them use the posts of your choice. The nature of my listening room required the speakers sit close to the wall. I fiddled with a BSC circuit but again, ultimately eliminated it altogether. Depending on your room placement you may want to put a simple one inline with the driver, there are several examples on the threads.

If it weren't for my wife's total disapproval of these I would I wouldn't be selling them. I think they look great. They are rather large and when you see the pic you will notice it doesn't match our entertainment system at all.

Hope that helps a little.


Here are a couple of pics I have readily available.
The speakers to the left are, from top to bottom:

A Mini Fonken type using some vintage Fostex 10F3 drivers...will likely sell these soon too.

A pair of custom Vifa P17WJ / Morel MDT33 monitors tuned to 40hZ, XO's designed by Dave Thomas (thanks Dave!)

A pair of Madisound RB1 first edition in custom enclosures.



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I am sorry, I am not sure I got your email. I think $250 is a fair price for the cabinets. I have had quite a lot of interest in them at this price but shipping seems to be a concern. I haven't yet seriously looked into freight service for these, I have been working nights all week. I intend to spend Monday researching the freight option and what type of cost we are looking at to move these around to US. I think overseas is out of the question.
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