Chilean miners being rescued


2005-06-17 6:58 am
It's really a good news. Good to know. Thanks.


Good news are too few.

There are many people around the world still suffering, how sad. Last month I donated 60% of my monthy salary for 3 places. It comforted me somewhat, but I still can't help feeling depressed.

It's said that 'the end of the world' is not going to happen in a certain moment, but a sustained period. It seems, this is it. It's happening.

Or, human is insignificant by nature. Lives, or any civilizations, are only a tiny part of a fraction of a .... who knows what.
What makes me feel ashamed about having watched it: it was a jolly good show, congrats - but within a week that TV hype will be forgotten and safety standards in mines all around the world will remain the same.
Hell, Ukrainia isn´t too far from here - but another 50 dead miners in another explosion are just worth two lines on page five of the newspaper, if as much as that.
That's the modern world for you. In fact it has always been the case that "men" who do extremely dangerous, dirty work in sometimes appalling conditions are barely worth a mention. They suffer poorer health and usually die younger, and yet where would we all be without them?
They are effectively "canon fodder" for capatilism.

The news from Chile does in a very small way reddress the balance. We should not however expect anything less of mine owners than to do everything conceivably possible to rescue their workers.