Chicago-area Ohm F repair service?

joel dickman

2008-01-29 10:03 am
I own an old pair of Ohm F speakers in need of repair. The foam surrounds have rotted away, and one of the voice coils has been destroyed. While replacing the surrounds might be within my abilities, voice coil replacement is not.

Can anyone suggest someone to do the repair work, hopefully in the Chicago area? I will ship them farther away if need be, but prefer to have the work done locally if possible.

The speakers produced a wonderfully clean and vivid sound when they were working. So clean, that I was tempted to turn the volume up to larger-than-life levels. Usually this just resulted in blown fuses, but eventually my luck ran out.

Thanks in advance, and happy listening,
Joel Dickman
[email protected]
Dale Harder in Parma/Cleveland, Ohio is the only person truly doing original Ohm rebuilds. He does incredible work and completely reworks the drivers, magnets, membrane, etc. to better than new performance. Looks to be 350 miles from you.

Hi Guys, For what is worth, I am now offering the Ohm Walsh F+ and A+ by Dale Harder, in limited productions, with exotic hardwoods and some 30+ improvements beyond the original models. Some of the improvements are: New cones, improved magnets, stiffer spiders, lower weight high power voice coils, box stiffeners and resonance control, Cardas gold connectors, silver Litz wire leads. I also refurbish completely, older models and upgrade them, cabinets and all.

Here's a really long post where he discusses specifically what it takes to recone & refurbish an original Ohm.

Terriffic guy. Knows everything there is to know about the A's & F's, and loves to talk about them.

Contact Information
Dale Harder
9212 Cambridge Dr.
Parma, Ohio - 44129
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