Cheers from Indy

Hey friends,
I've been getting slowly deeper into the audiophile universe. I play/sing/write music which led me to electric guitar. That prompted a rabbit hole of electronics starting with diy guitar pedals, vintage speakers, diy speakers, then to modding my guitars, a fender tube amp mod, working on my vinyl collection/turntable, dabbling in headphones and DACs, and now to diy headphone amplifiers. Eventually I'd love to build my own guitar amp, a pair of mono-block tube amplifiers, a pair of mono-block solid state amps (maybe the pass labs F6?), several preamps including a phono stage or two, power supplies, and several pairs of higher end diy to pair it with different DACs and headphones.. Hopefully I'll get to try it as a preamp in from of some amps I've built at some point. I hope to get advice from those of you who are much further along than I. Thanks in advance for opening your passion for music and electronics to include those of us who are new and learning.

Feel free to let me know the best threads to read concerning the Whammy Headphone amp. Looking forward to learning from you