Cheep bearings and platter?

GrooveTracer makes a specialty subplatter that replaces the cheap plastic Rega one that comes with most of their decks. It gets nothing but fantastic reviews (haven't heard it personally), and their website claims "0.001 ”or better concentricity between the axle and hub offers vast improvement in pitch control.", which is about .03mm.


2008-06-08 11:53 pm
Now, the only question is if they really make it the way they promise. Hope that someone used it and can give me any feedback.

In addition - any other relatevly cheep platter and bearing options, will be highly appriciated!
I have the groovetracer Counter weight and reference subplatter. The subplatter is a piece of ART!!! Fantastic and best Upgrade I have done on my Rega P25. Note that only the Rega 9, The Flag Ship is the only one in the Rega line that doesn't use a Plastic Subplatter. maybe Rega got the idea from Groovetracer..:D Email Frank. he's Great. best Customer service! Very Professional and courteous..